Saturday, 10 March 2007

Preparation of a simple cake


200 gram of a butter.
150 gram of sugar.
1 bag of vanilla sugar.
4 eggs.
300 gram of a flour(torment).
2 teaspoons of a fluffer.
1 table spoon of cocoa.
100 gram of ground almonds.
50 gram of grated bitter chocolate.
1 tile of a milk chocolate.
Cherry liquor of 20 milliliters.

That I did:

Butter, sugar and vanilla sugar we shake up in dense foam. Shaking up on one we enter eggs. We mix a flour(torment), a fluffer, cocoa almonds and grated chocolate. Then we connect all to the shaken up weight. A chocolate bar to kindle on a water bath and to pour in in a dough. The form we oil and we bake a biscuit up to readiness. Then having cooled it is cut on 3 cakes. Bottom we impregnate with liquor. Further under the recipe to grease with 1/4 part of milk. Further we grease remained cakes and it is decorated. I did a cream from milk. Has missed the mark with it cakes. From above sprinkled with a grated coco. Has decorated with walnuts and chocolate. From sides has decorated with chocolate balls. Here and all plain cake.

PS Next time I try to photograph result:)

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